2018 330i Loaner car leasing, is this offer good?

$51,500 MSRP
$43,9k retail
10k * 36
$2500 down + deposit
$560 monthly

feels like pretty bad deal to me but I was wondering what should be a target range to be considered as a good deal?

qualified for loyalty, penn area

many thx!!!

There are so many threads about BMWs and 330s. Search and you will find your answers.

Terrible deal, to put into reference I have a offer for a 51k 330i loaner for $450/month 0 DAS. Ask them to see if your work qualifies for the corporate discount, should shave another 2k off but before you do that negotiate a much lower sale price.

thanks! I felt the same way. sadly we leased from the rep before which was a decent experience, and this time he gave us such a offer.

That’s a pretty bad deal. Paying less than that for a 340i with a higher msrp.

Unfortunately, reps are there to make money and not be your friend. Shopping around is some of the best advice i can give. But, that doesn’t mean a dealer won’t play ball, they just won’t sell you a great deal the first wave around.