2018 330e RWD with Navigation


2018 BMW 330e - quoted for Philadelphia, PA. How does this look to you guys?

What incentives are included here? There are ~6500 in rebates I think for the 330e - then if you add loyalty, OL, recent grad etc, it changes. Either way, not enough discount for a 2018.

What MF are they giving you?

I’d be shooting for a sale price of 12% off MSRP before incentives and buy rate on the MF. This is a leftover 18, RWD BMW at the height of winter after a snowstorm in the northeast. They can do better…

Also you should be putting down MSDs instead of any cash down.

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Thanks for your input! Appreciate it

Agree put no down but do msds. I’m guessing by the numbers you’re at 10% off now. Your payment is already not bad, but the extra 2% will be a sweet deal. Ask if it’s been punched. If not you can get BMWCCA rebate. Sign up first though. Three year membership will do the trick. Definitely worth it. Love the magazine too.
Finally check your state and local utility for additional rebates.

If you can lock February rates and see if they’ll hold out a week before signing in case terms improve you could get even better. Make sure there’s lease support for March tho.

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