2018 328d loaner

Hello , trying to find out if this is a average/good/great lease…

2018 BMW 328d loaner
MSRP: 45,400
sell price: 37,600
loaner has 3700 miles
4500 lease cash
$1300 in drive offs (approx)
registration, bank fees, first month and taxes on rebates
3yr/15000 mi per year
$342 + tax
Leasehackr Score 10.7

Any advise is appreciated

Is the sale price INCLUDING rebates?

No, sale price is before rebates…17.2% off MSRP according to calculator…

Some here have posted a diesel bonus. Can’t hurt to ask

Given that’s 15k/yr, that seems like a fair price to me, but I’m certainly not one of the experts…

Asked about the diesel bonus but was told only on east coast…

I think it’s a good deal but not a great deal. Idk if OL codes still work in 2018’s but you might try. Lots of event in Socal

i would say its an average deal given that it is may and your looking at a 2018. You should be aiming for closer to 20% off at this late date.

Average is ok…just don’t want a poor deal…2nd lease so, working on it…practice makes perfect…thanks leasehackr.

It’s fair but nothing special. If you’re in love with the car, I’d push for some of the 328d numbers we’ve seen on here (20%+ off). Take the mindset that unless the dealer really wants to hold onto this car for the next several months, you should be able to work them more. No one is beating down their door for a prior gen diesel 3 series…

If not, move on to something you really want.

I worked a few BMW’s last month and was at a similar % discount on 330’s, 340’s and X2’s which are much more desirable.