2018 320i XDrive

Hey All,

I found a previous loaner 320i XDrive that I was interested in. Also, given the current Costco incentive going on, I’ll through that detail in here, too:

MSRP: $44,645
Sale Price: $34,948 (this includes all “available” incentives, according to the dealer)

Down Payment: 1st month

One thing to mention above is that the dealer is trying to tell me that the incentive for purchases is $2,000, but for leases, it’s $1,500. But, directly on BMW’s website, it states $2,000. So this should knock the price down to $34,448. I threw this back at them, so we’ll see what the response is.

MF: .00206 (I sent in a deal request with .00166 and I got this reply, "The Money Factor is incorrect as that is the Buy Rate. Actual Money Factor rate is .00206 after the last interest rate hike. So I took a look and recent forum topics still mention .00166, so I called them out on it and I’m awaiting reply)

Residual: 59% @ 36/12,000

Costco Incentive: It’s apparently $500, just because, on the 3-series - but it also mentions that if you’ve ever purchased/leased a BMW through BMW Financial, you get an extra $750 for the Loyalty Discount. Perhaps I am misreading that, but I have lease through them before in the recent past - anyone have any clarity on this?

So, with the above details as they have them, the $500 Costco discount, and prior to a response of my callouts above, they quoted me:

$390.67, after tax

I know I’m below the “1% rule” without any negotiation - but some things feel as though I could/should either push more or run away, given then (presumable) lie about the MF and the lease incentive amount.


The current money factor for the 3 series per Edmunds is .00166, so the salesman is not telling the truth. Im not sure what he means by “buy rate” but if your are purchasing the car (not leasing) and need to finance the car they post the interest rates straight forward ie: 3%
If you would like to translate the MF rate into a straight forward interest rate multiply it by 2400. So the converted interest rate of .00166 MF is 3.984 or 4% . The rate they are quoting you of .00206 converts to 4.944 or 5%. I recommend not dealing with liars and find another dealer.


Here is the “bottom dollar” from this dealer:

MSRP: $44,645
Sale Price: $37,349
Acquisition Fee: $925

Rebates: $3,500 (Conquest, BMW Cash and Costco)

Effective Sale Price w/ Rebate: $34,774

MF: .00166
Residual: 60% @ 36/10K

They are quoting me at $364.29 (including tax) w/ just 1st month due at signing

When I type the same details into the calculator, I’m getting $350 (including tax)

What am I missing - where is that extra $14.29 being hidden? Obviously not a substantial amount of money - but nice to know, regardless.


Maybe the DMV fee? the LH Calc can be pretty close to dealers number but will always miss some parts. like DMV fee and if it’s loaner, you will need to calculate the adjusted residual yourself. Try to get the full breakdown from the dealer. see what the DMV fee is.

Is the $3k on a lease a regional thing? I’d call another dealer in the area/state, I think these guys are taking you for a ride on that lease incentive

That’s true - possibly. I just deleted that portion from the calculator, because, to my understanding (although I could be wrong) - I wouldn’t pay anything for that at the dealer. In CO, I’ll receive paper plates at the dealer and then within 3 months, go to the DMV to pay all of those fees for my plates (and it’s based on MSRP). Whereas, when I leased in Washington before, it was all paid at the dealer. In CO, I’m not sure what fees are paid at the dealer, if any. I did send my breakdown back to the dealer and asked for further breakdown/explanation - we’ll see.

In Colorado the plates will be charged at the dmv and will be 2% off some magically average MSRP, this happens after the sale.

Well, the $2,000 BMW cash is straight from BMW website, so I trust that. The Costco incentive also matches the Costco website regarding the BMW special going on right now. The only area I’m not too keen on is the “Conquest” cash, which I didn’t know about - but they threw it in their initial workup.

All things considered, they are at the buy rate MF and all of that checks out - but this car has been sitting on their lot for 4 months since they brought it out from being a loaner. So I expected a more aggressive offer.

Although, I feel like I’m kind of just being greedy at this point because my after-tax payment would be about 0.85% of MSRP, which is nicely below our 1% goal. For a $45K vehicle…not bad…but given it’s a loaner…do we think better could be had?

My bad it is only $2k here, $3k in California. Not sure if you can use an OL code too for another $500

Haha I sent in a request for clarification on the difference between my payment workup of $350 and theirs of $364 and I got this response:

“10 different calculators, 10 different answers. Likely not calculating the discounts correctly as they come in after taxes”

I’ve only dealt with them via email thus far but certainly have not been all that helpful. I think I’ll call around for now.

I’ve been looking around and there’s quite a few loaners around, you got five dealers on the front range, doesn’t hurt to call around

Is this Schomp? i called them when i was looking and they told me the same marked up MF. I hate when they beat around the bush and try to use sales jargon, i.e. giving you the marked up MF, and the 10 diff calculator thing.

My recent deal was close to yours. and it sounds pretty decent. I searched around but didn’t find one with all the options included. If there aren’t very specific options you have to have on that car, i’d def shop around. I remember seeing tons of loaner 320i xDrives around $44k MSRP, so you should have some options.

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