2018 320i loaner leftovers still exist $269/mo $269 DAS


I know dealer ads are bunk but this one seems legit, and maybe hackable by an expert here


Ads are useless without the fine print

Sometimes even with the fine print but let’s see

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Fine print


well look at all the stuff that’s not included in the price. And also it’s vague as to which incentives were applied. Whoever takes the car might not qualify for certain incentives.

Typical dealer ad.


It’s got the owners pic so you know it’s legit, that guy looks honest. Good old Jeff!

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That’s not a good deal you can hack the one above with very little effort.

In fact if you add OL + Loyalty to the above ($2000), the payment comes down to $98.

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where are you getting 3k untaxed incentives? is that the lease loyalty? if so, that is super YMMV, not even all of CA is honoring that anymore.



What people in this forum don’t realize is that OR tax is just 0.5%. If you hack these cars they are great deals.