2017 XC90 MOM - good deal?

I’ve leased in the past, but never since learning about leashackrs. I missed last month’s $3.5k conquest, hoping I can lease in the near future, using my sister’s Costco PIN (And my own newly acquired member card) on the quote I’ve received for a nicely optioned 2017 MOMENTUM:
Gray Saville, Vision, Convenience, Contour Seats, Air Suspension, and 20" wheels

36 Month / 7.5k miles
58% RV, 0.00101 MF

$61,890 MSRP
$53,747 Selling price
+$695 Acq (capped)
-$750 Costco rebate (maybe)
$53,692 Net Cap Cost

$3,224.82 (MD 6% Tax BOOO!)
$322 DMV
$5,750 (10 MSD)

$540 payment.

I’d be much better off if they’d take my trade, (in MD, get sales tax credit), but they’re low balling me and I can do better private party selling trade.

Is this deal good? I’ve contacted 10 dealers, looking for old stock or demos, but would rather let this go than rush if better deals are or soon will be available.

Are you sure MF is 0.00151 before MSD? Don’t remember if it’s right.
Edit: ok, I see it’s .00101 before MSD, but RV for 7.5 is 58%, not 57%
You get 8% off before rebates, in line with other XC90 deals.

Thanks, I fixed the RV to 58%. Thanks for weighing in.