2017 X5 Xdrive35i demo lease is this a good deal?

wanted to know if this was a good deal on 2017 X5 Xdrive Demo with 4900 Miles

MSRP - 69, 370
Sales Price - 62,000
36 Months
15, 000 miles a year
Due at Signing - First Month Payment 919$
Monthly Payment 919 a month taxes included ( NJ TAX)

they are also waving 3 payments from my current lease and rolling in 4 remaining payments into the lease. the sales prices is reflected with those rolled in .

Does this seem like a good deal ?

thanks for your help.

Even without knowing how much you are rolling in, it looks terrible.

my 4 remaining payments total 3476. Im getting a discount of 10,846$ if i didnt have those remaining payments to account for. Which is a discount of 15% off msrp. How can you say the deal is terrible? The only thing Im paying at signing is 919$ . Please tell me what I can do to make this better? thanks

How about waiting 4 months?

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im over my miles by 10k at this point. I think ill be at another 3-4k over by then so i figured id rather just switch out now

4,000 x 0.25 = $1,000.

14k total so about 3500$

They are not waving your current 10k overage, do they?

they are waving it in this deal

So $3.4k includes 4 payments + 10k penalty?

yea and i think the bmw group fleet rebate offsets half the miles overage

So - if you wait 4 months and pay $1K extra in overage and do not roll any negative into your new lease - your lease would be about $100/mo less ($3,600 cheaper over 36 month)

How much is the fleet rebate? If that’s included in your cap cost already, then your real discount off MSRP on this demo is less than 15%.

You should be able to do 10-12% off new.