2017 X5 Lease Demo with 6k miles

New to leasing cars. Please let me know if this is a good deal.

2017 X5 M Sport Demo with 6k miles

Total Suggested Price 62,845.00
Sale Price 55,845.00
36 months Lease 10k a year
Residual 58%
Money Factor .00154

First Monthly Payment… 779.20 │
LICENSE FEE… 23.00 │
Doc Fee… 80.00 │
ACQ.FEE… 925.00 │
EFF FEE… 29.00 │
Cap Reduction Tax… 0.0 │
____________________________ __________ │
Total Inception Fees… 1,924.│

  • Cust Cash as Cap Reduction

    ____________________________ __________ │
    Total Drive Off… 1,924 │
    Base Monthly $ 716.51
    Mnthly Use Tax 8.7500% $ 62.69
    MONTHLY PAYMENT: $ 779.20

Mf is marked up, its .00134. Try putting down MSD to lower rate. Should push for a bigger discount since miles affect residual.


Check the ‘Marketplace’ for the X5 lease transfer that was just posted there.

Very bad deal. Read up on some of X5 deals posted around here. Payment should be hundreds less.

If you can bring down the MF to .00134, that’ll bring down your monthly around $19-$20. If you do 7 MSDs, that will bring down the monthly another $48.

Also get the selling price way down. Below 50k for sure.

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Thank you all for the tips. How much more should I ask to get the selling price down based on the 6k miles since it is a demo?

@max_g Thanks for the tip on the marketplace. The seller is based in SF so I dont know how the logistics would work. New to transferring leases so kind of apprehensive to write another person $4200 for SD.

Lots of BMW demo deals posted in these forums. Typical discounts are way above 20%, but depends on mileage, etc.

Cashier check due at delivery of the vehicle

13k+ off an x5 demo, seems unrealistic to me, especially a 2017.

Correct me if I am wrong, but you are referencing deals on sedans (which are much less in demand compared to SUVs right now), plus the 5-series have something like $5k trunk money which allows the 20% discount.

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