2017 X3 xDrive35i Deal

Hello Folks.
Looking for a deal on a new BMW… Flexible but I ran into this deal in CT.
MSRP: $57995
Sales Price $49999
Term: 36/12k
MF: .00097 (with MSD)
$2482 out the door, inc taxes, 1st mo, $300 registration, $595 fee, another $925 fee, and taxes but NOT the Security Deposit. I didn’t write that amount down but I am ok w/ whatever it is since I will get it back at the end of the lease.
Tax Rate in NY 8.125%
Did not get a residual value from the salesperson

MSD will be discontinued at the end of April so I thought I should check this deal out.
Also, I have an x5 that I am leasing and is due to be returned in 3 months so I wanted to get a head start on my search…
Not sure if using the X5 as bait for the dealer will work in my favor or not. I am under miles on it now…

It is a Demo vehicle, never titled with 6500 miles.
How am I doing?

You should negotiate the selling price a bit more. Try to get it around 48K. 925 is acquisition fee. What is 525 for?

I am not sure what the $525 is for, some fee. I thought it was a bank fee but not sure. TrueCar doesn’t have much on the 6 cylinder version but 14% seems good. I know I can push for better. This is the last year of this generation X3

$546 sounds a lot for a X3. The RV on this demo is lower than brand new by 4% because it has over 5k miles. You should definitely get a lower sales price.

Try signing up for AARP to get a $1500 rebate and .00002 MF reduction. Some people recently have reported that you might have had to sign up before 2/19 though.

I think AARP does not work on service loaners.

Based on these numbers, you are better off leasing new from a NJ dealer.

I am going to CT because you can’t do MSD in NY. I tried one Dealer in NJ but they minute I started the lingo he was turned off and basically didn’t want to go further down the conversation. Maybe I can ask for a different salesperson…

AARP will not give me the time I need to get on the MSD since it will be phased out April 30th. I think that I can do better though. I just probably have to drive there and work it. Maybe I should check the Jaguar Pace

We generally advise against setting foot in a dealer until you have a deal negotiated, FWIW.

or the wrong dealership altogether.

8k off a demo? No thanks