2017 X3 Loaner Lease 20% off MSRP

I was offered 20% off from sticker and was told the only incentive is the lease rebate $1000. (Business Fleet $500 cannot be stacked)

MF was set at 0.00151, and RV was set at 70% for 24 months, and 64% for 36 months.

The X3 had about 4500 miles, so $1000 was added for mileage adjustment.

MSRP: 51945
Net After Rebate: 41425
With Zero drive off
24 months/10k miles: $477 w/ 9% tax
36 months/10k miles: $450 w/ 9% tax

Dealer didn’t show me all the hidden numbers, so I am not too sure whether this is a good deal or not. At least I got a good chunk off from MSRP.

I am still debating… any thoughts?

You should be closer to $400 on the 36 months option, including tax with that RV and MF.

Thanks! I am going to reach out to a different dealer nearby and see if they can…

I am only interested in 24 months option at the moment.