2017 X3 Loaner Deals

Before going with the Costco Volvo S90 lease, I was strongly considering a Demo/Loaner BMW X3 with under 5,000 miles. Residual is good on these (64% for a 36/10 and 70% for a 24/10) and the dealer discount “should” be 20-25%. There are tons of loaner 28i’s and 35i’s out there.

Conquest bonus is $1,000 and lease bonus is $1,000, both stackable with your discount. BMW kept the good residual on this car from July into August but at some point (as the new model gets closer), the residual will plummet.

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64% for a 3 year lease? WOWZA!!

That residual seems outrageously high. What kind of sales price did they offer?

70% residual with 25% discount? LOL. Sign me up for two …

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Local place by me has at least 6 loaner ones. I’ll try since I’ll gladly pay off my car on my own if I can get the price but some how doubt it. I’m getting 316 a month (assuming -2% for 12k miles) for a 45k one with 20% discount in the calculator. Interested to see if anyone has looked into them yet.

LoL. I didn’t see that he wrote 20-25% discount! That’s gonna be the deal of the year if he can get that!

Go to the isee.cars website… see http://www.iseecars.com/ .

Do a search on BMW X3, year = 2017, max mileage = 5000 and you can further specify trim levels (28i or 35i) and miles from your zip code. Look for listings that do NOT say “1-owner”. You can go into the Carfax link for most of these listings (95% of the time its free) and confirm if it ever was titled/sold. If not, its likely a demo/loaner.

You can also call your local dealer and see what X3 demo/loaners they have in stock. Mileage under 5,000 qualifies for a $1000 bonus. If you own a Conquest vehicle, you get another $1,000.


Wow maybe after the great E300 loaner deals we shall see the great X3 loaner deals …

I assume with these deals the miles and months for the 10k/36month starts fresh when leased. Meaning I wouldnt need to calculate the 3-5k miles into my 30k over 3 years, correct?

From my understanding that’s correct. If there’s 4k miles and your lease is for 36k then you’d end at 40k

Conquest could maybe include a parent’s BMW? (hopeful) :slight_smile:

Money Factor is not great at .00151 and BMW charges $925 for the privilege of writing your lease (Acquisition Fee). Mileage adjustments to residual for anything over 500 miles.

Anyone have an actual deal on this? Found a vehicle with just under 5k miles local to me. Contacted the sales department for more info but would be nice to see other deals that have gone through with the 20-25% price reduction before I start negotiating

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You need to work the deal as if you’re going to be buying it. Don’t tip you hat to any lease or conquest incentives. 20-25% off MSRP was my target but I couldn’t quite get them there, even with the $2k incentives. More and more 2017 X3’s become available everyday and the much improved 3rd gen X3 will be out soon. The end of August might be a good time to put together a nice lease on and X3 (or X4…same residuals).

Watching this thread closely - curious to see if this is actually doable.

whoops…20 charsss

I am also following this closely. I just reached out to West German BMW (suburban Philly) and they quoted me 7k off of a 54k x3 3.5 loaner/demo and a monthly of almost 560 with close to 2k due at signing. When I mentioned other dealers offering 20% off similar cars I was effectively scoffed at. When someone gets solid numbers for an x3 loaner at 20% off, ill be VERY interested in replicating.

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Any X3 35i with a few options is a $55k car. I’ve seen them up in the $60’s. 20% off of $55k is $44k and there are plenty in the $40-48k range online. Here’s one in FL…see http://www.iseecars.com/used-car-finder#id=100299612591 , another at Sonic in Nashville… http://www.iseecars.com/used-car-finder#id=100306991016 . Your local dealer probably has 3-6 in stock.

Was looking at the same deal. Guess Ill get told off when I speak with them tomorrow. :slight_smile:

I really appreciate you finding those; however, the first car is showing on Braman with an MSRP of 46k on sale for 43K (bare bones 35i) and the second car is actually at a Cadillac dealership so while I am not familiar with that family of dealers, I suspect that it would not be eligible for new car leasing.
Again, I would love to get my hands on a 55-60k X3 35i for 20% off and a residual of 64%.