2017 WRX or STI Deals?

Hey Guys anyone have WRX and/or STI recent deals they can share? Also helpful if mention what state, hoping for Socal examples… Thanks!

They’ve been running 285/mo on a base WRX for a few months now. I imagine you could really easily get it to a sign and drive or even lower payment with a dealer who will sell under invoice.

The STi base MF and RV is decent too but without any incentives or rebates you’ll have to work the dealer to get a good discount to make it a great deal.

Premium (WRX) and Limited (both) trims for don’t lease as well unfortunately since the RV is much lower than base models.

It looks like $305/mo with $1,200 due for a WRX base.

What’s the MF and residual on the WRX’s?

Interesting… that must be a regional deal but I’m not sure why since AFAIK their MF and RV are nationwide.

Jan numbers for 36/10:
Base WRX: .00115 MF and 66% residual
Premium WRX: .00095 and 62%
Limited WRX: .00080 and 60%
Base STI: .00110 and 66%
Limited STI: .00095 and 62%

Subtract 1% for 12K/yr

The guys on the Edmunds.com Subaru forums are pretty good about posting new numbers.

Based on the example below (~$1,100 under invoice) with $0 down and Base WRX: .00115 MF and 66% residual: $293.15 incl 8.75% tax + all fees at signing

Can you run the numbers with a sales price of $25,781 and a tax rate of 6%? I’m trying to see if I can get closer to $250/mo with zero due.

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Same MSRP? $263.91 You will not get to $250/mo with $0 due. You will have to pay $595 acquisition fee, dealer fee, registration…
You can play with the numbers here:

I’m working with my local Cincinnati Subaru dealer now. They have four base models. If I can get deals below $300/mo incl tax, is anyone else interested? I won’t have numbers until tomorrow. But I’m trying to see if I can push the numbers lower with more volume.

There is nothing really special about this deal, unlike Hellcat deals. Subaru does not offer any incentives and the difference between MSRP and invoice is less than $1K. So if you can get one for about $1.5K under invoice ($2.2K off MSRP) - you get a good deal.

Thanks for the info guys - anyone know dealers in SOCAL ready to make a deal?

Do you have a recommended scenario that I should go for? I understand what you’re saying. There’s no additional incentives other than high residuals and low MF (if we can push it down further). Where should I shoot for to make the deal a “kick ass” deal? I don’t have to lease anything right now so I can wait.

Research the sale prices, preferably in your area (TrueCar can give you some ideas, check Edmunds WRX forum). From my experience with Foresters, $1.5K under invoice is a good sale price. Keep in mind that Subarus are in demand vehicles and their sales have been growing fast over the past few years.
You wont make a “kick ass” deal on WRX, but you can get a very good deal for a Subaru.

Thanks. I just got my mom a 2017 Forester Touring with the cold weather pkg and remote start with zero due for $331/mo for 36/mo at 10k/yr. the MSRP was almost $36k. Maybe I could do even better with a $28k MSRP WRX :slight_smile:

So you already know about getting good deals on Subaru :slight_smile: Good luck.

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Thanks. Just trying to figure out where I’d have to be to do a “group buy” on all the base WRX’s they have in stock.

Mike, where are you located? Too bad not in socal…

I’m in Cincinnati. Find out what your best deal is. See if my dealer can make it worth it to ship it or if the deal I can muster up is better, share it with your dealers and see if they can match it. And vice versa. Subarus are super popular around here since we do get winter weather. Even if it’s not too bad.

I have 4 dealers working numbers for me now on WRX CVT and STI

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Keep me posted. Would love to see what you can get.