2017 VW Tiguan Wolfsburg FWD - What do you think?

So I have a quote for a Wolfsburg edition FWD

MSRP: $30960
"sale" price: 26480
36 month residual price is $13,780 (didn’t give %)
MF= 0.000010

Price they gave is $326 for 36 months@18,000 miles per year plus tax. (OH tax = 6.75%)

My thinking is that they are using the lease cash of $4300 to create the “sale” price. They are really only discounting the vehicle about $180. Granted it is 18k per year and not 15k, so that is something.
Currently drive a tiguan so $1000 returning customer is applicable as well.
Is my thinking correct regarding how they got to their sales price? How much can I get them down?
This was all via email - asking what would be due at signing.
Really appreciate any help!

Ask them for the sale price before rebates, then get them to itemize the rebates for you. That will give a clearer picture.

So this is what I was sent back:

"The only thing due at signing with the numbers I sent you is your sales tax, which is based on where you will be registering the vehicle , which I don’t know since we haven’t discussed.

It is our philosophy to be transparent about everything from the start and we openly display our best pricing up front for our customers to take advantage of, this allows us to focus more on customer service and satisfaction rather than haggling back and forth with our customers. The MSRP is $30,960 and we are $6,780 off down to $24,180 which includes all rebates and incentives including your owner loyalty.

So if you put your sales tax down plus $1,000 , we can get you down to $296 a month which gets you there."

I am in Ohio with 6.75% sales tax. I believe tax is calculated off the entire sales price. Is that correct?

I still feel like he is being deceptive.


The residual should be close to a full percentage point, the way your math works out is 44.5% on 36/18k miles (13780/30960). The dealer really cannot alter the RV % in any way so the .5% is strange …

$26,480 - $1000 loyalty = $25,480 so there is another $1,300 discount they found somewhere to get to $24,180 “selling price” on your last post … so approx 22% off so not a bad start. The MF is also pretty low

Your 18k miles RV may be killing you, 15k should get you 2% back ($619/36 = $17/mo less) just using the numbers you have given here. In other words, the 18k miles is costing you an extra $17/mo + interest + tax on this amount. For 10k miles, that is another 1% of RV back so $929/36 = $26/mo

It seems like he is asking you for $1k down which is $28/mo + $296 = $324/mo effectively. Taking into consideration the extra $26/mo from a 10k mile lease, it is not looking too bad

Are you all set on the Tiguan?

Thanks for the insight! Really appreciate it. Yeah the 18k miles per year stinks.
Don’t think I want to put the $1000 down.
Also looking at Buick Encore.