2017 VW Tiguan S 4motion NY

Hello folks,

I’m just got an offer for a 2017 Tiguan S 4motion in NY.
MSRP 28105
RV 60 MF 0.00001
So it was $229 per month and $1350 out of pocket including first payment, tax, reg, acq fee, doc fee. Could you guys share your knowledge to check this offer?

Your location: NY
The desired trim level: Tiguan S 4motion
The desired term (months and annual mileage): 36months/10,000 annual

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What’s the sale price? Looks like a fantastic and pretty straightforward deal!

Thanks! I couldn’t get the sales price.

Here is in DC area. They show almost $7K off, but not sure if they give the same discount on lease. But with your numbers and their sale price it’s $144/mo. I added $910 (not sure the exact amount) freight to their sale price. They have 15 S 4Motion.


Found this at my local dealer who is advertising $5070 off on an $28185 MSRP model:

Looks like it’s just straight up discounts that apply to leases.

Also the sale price will be on your lease contract, probably under net capitalized cost.

can you please tell which dealer? I am looking for a compact SUV as well, 229 fits my budget.