2017 Volvo XC90 T5 for $485 a Month

First time post on this forum. I was able to negotiate and close the following lease on 08/31/2017 in Texas:

2017 XC90 T5

MSRP: $52,395
Dealer Price: $46,895
Conquest: $3,500
Costco: $750
Price After Dealer Discount/Incentives: $42,645
Cash Down: Only 1st month’s payment
36 Months @ 10k per year

$485 per month inclusive of taxes

Note: I decided against the 10 MSD but could have saved another $40ish a month.

It was a pretty quick and easy deal… got lucky with a good dealer that wanted to get rid of 2017 inventory.

Thanks to this forum, my first experience with leasing a vehicle was fantastic. Thanks again.


That’s a good deal, especially in TX. Did you roll the taxes into the monthly or did you get tax credits?

I was able to get tax credits.

Which salesperson/dealership I am in Houston.


I’ll PM you their info.

Could u PM me too please

Same. Would love to know the dealer

Is maintenance included in Volvo leases?

Did you try to Google it or just check the Volvo site instead of waiting for someone to put it in your mouth?
Here, took 10 seconds to find, enjoy

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Clearly I didn’t google it and clearly it was the latter. Thanks

Could you PM me the dealer as well? Also the trim level and options you got on the volvo?

Thanks so much and congrats!

is conquest still available for september? i only see 3k dealer allowance

Please PM dealer info

Picked up my T6 today!!!

Volvo XC90 T6 Momentum with convenience and vision packages, protection plus package and 21-inch rims

MSRP: $61,000
Due at signing: $1,500(includes first payment)
Monthly Payment: $625

Will post the remaining details tomorrow in a new post


Be ready to pay for 2 sets of tires, if you are on 36/12 or more :grin:

Do the tires for these cars wear unusually fast?

21"? Sure they will with front wheels bias and Vovlo’s stupid “no rotation required” policy

Wow! I never thought about that. 47,000 on my FWD Cadillac SRX and they still have tread! 18" though.

Depends on tires, too. I had to replace 17" Conti Pro after 20K miles on my previous S60. Didn’t rotate them until it was too late.

I have only had that issue with trucks. The 20" tires on my 300c were thin at 24k miles