2017 Volvo S90 T6 Momentum Lease

Shopping around for 2017 volvo S90 T6 Momentum. Please see screen. Do I need to negotiate further? Also they where asking for 1000$ down. Should I put it? Please give me your thoughts Thanks

Sale price is not included with pull ahead conquest and costco A plan pricing :frowning: . It includes 7700$(incentives).

Note: make as audi in calculator just to add MSD to the deal!!

Why wouldn’t they allow Costco or conquest money? Maybe they are planning on pocketing that on the backend, as otherwise it would just be a pass through to them.

Thanks for getting back. I am not member of Costco before july 31st

OK, thanks. So ineligible as opposed to forbidden. I’m wondering if more people should push off purchases to next month when they can potentially take advantage of that additional savings.

What state are you in? As soon as I wrap up my deal, I can give you a line on a $513 a month 0 due at signing for 36/12. Also can be done for $498 a month, first month at signing. This is pricing before MSDs.

I was offered that but if the dealer I’m working with in NY (closer to my house) doesn’t work out in the next couple of days, I’d be happy to pass the info on.

Thanks. I was thinking if they change the eligibility date to aug 31 st. I can see the discount is untill October 2017. Let me know your thoughts??

My deal includes Costco, I accidentally missed why are are ineligible. Maybe you can talk to them and see what they can work out.

I am missing something? Not sure …what the sale price on ua deal?

Thanks. You should be a member before july31st. Which i m not !!

I believe the sales price on mine is around the same as yours actually. I will know the exact one when I sign. Mine however includes the Costco discount.

Do you think Should I negotiate further.?

What is your selling price before incentives?

It might not be a bad idea to join Costco now for the next promos, Volvo, Chrysler or other. I joined Audi Club of North America years ago for the 6% ACNA discount. Unfortunately, even with this and the other available incentives, I still have not found an Audi deal worth considering.

Sale price 52,000. MSRP-59205. incentives(4500(Midsommar offer) + 3200 lease cash)

Donno thinking the same. If they do…best regret. worth 3000$

I would jump on the deal. I’m fairly sure the selling price on my car is around 54k - 54.5k based on the payment before all the incentives. However, joining Costco doesn’t hurt. Worst case, you’re out a very small amount of money and have a membership to a very useful store.

If it doesn’t work out, let me know and I’ll connect you with my secondary deal.

Thanks will let you know once i see wrap the deal…!!

it looks solid. I would roll everything into monthly with exception of MSD which u can’t.


Doesn’t the best leasing Audi model start with an A and end with a 6 and a payment that starts with a 4?

Went to my local Audi dealer here in Northern NJ a few weeks ago looking for that deal. The best they could offer me was a model starting with an A, ending with a 4 and a payment starting with a 6.

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