2017 Volvo S60 T6 AWD R-Design Platinum Lease Question

After reading several posts about leasing and how to negotiate leases, I wanted to finally ask the experts a question about a deal I am trying to negotiate.

I was at the dealer trying to negotiate a deal for this car and came up with the following.

Initial MSRP : 51,465
Internet Price: $42,304
Adjusted Price: $36,715
RV: 47% (as told by the dealer)

Given these numbers what should be the targeted Monthly Lease? I really don’t want to put down a down payment because it’s a lease.

I’m pretty new to this and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Totally forgot to mention that I am aiming for 10K/36.

You are getting a very good 13% discount before all incentives. If RV is 47%, then should be about $377/mo + tax and everything else due at signing. MF should be .00048 - I did reverse engineering on Volvo calculator (http://www.volvocars.com/us/shopping-tools/purchase/payment-estimator).

You’ll benefit from reading Leasing 101 and any other S60 threads.

If you get the price that Ursus mentioned, I would jump on it. I haven’t been able to negotiate anything close to that on that car.