2017 Volt LT in CA

Thanks to everyone for all the tips, need some help.
A dealer offered me this, how does it look?

2017 Chevrolet Volt LT

MSRP: $34,155.00
Lease Rebates (including Lease Conquest or Loyalty): ​ $7,860.00
Dealer Discount $3,769.00
Total Savings: $11,629.00
Your price $22,526.00

36/12K MF .00062 and RV is 50%.
36/15K MF .00062 and 48%.

Drive Off: $841 (same for both)
Monthly:$211.33 plus tax 36/12K
Monthly:$217 plus tax 36/15K

I actually need closer to 20K a year, but it jumps to $299.31. It seems to jump on anything over 15K, not sure about 18K. I am not purchasing as the HOV sticker is set to expire in about 2 yrs in CA. If HOV sticker is renewed, I believe the green HOV will no longer be valid, a new color will be used.

Or do you think I can get 30/15K, with a slightly increased monthly?

Thank you in advance!!

nice deal @ 15k mikes…

If you need 20k/year, but will only sign up for 15k, what do you plan to do with the overage? Ignore it until it’s time to turn in the car? It’s a much better deal to prepay and buy the mileage now.

GM Financial charges $.20/mi upfront and $0.25/mi on the back-end.

I would drive another car to avoid going over.

May I know the dealership you are working with. I’m might look at another hybrid/eve to replace my Prius plug-in that is due in May

Yes please, where in LA did you get this deal?