2017 Volt LT end of year offer

Can you please let me know your thoughts on the following 2017 Volt LT (Base Model) lease offer? I’m debating on whether to jump on this or wait till next year for something better.

MSRP: $34000
Dealer Price: $28000
CA Tax + Fees: $1250
Dealer Rebate: $5500
Residual 50% @ 12K/yr
MF: .00077

Money Down: $0
Monthly Payment, including Tax: $235
Total Payment for 35 months: $8725

sounds like a great deal.

do you know the breakdown of the dealer rebate: $5500?

I only see flex cash of $2000, bonus cash $1000 and $500 competitive.

$4,000 is GM lease cash.

Thanks. So $5500 in total rebates is correct (assuming you are qualified for a $500 competitive bonus)?

Whats inside the $5500 rebate?

55 of the 100 dollar bill

So If I read this right… drive-off is $1250?