2017 Volt LT. 36/10k. $35,444 msrp. $2008 one pay

Thanks leasehackr!

In MA, I was just able to get a deal on a 2017 Volt LT w/ convenience and leather for $4508 one pay. 36/10k. Asian lease conquest.

With the $2500 MA ev rebate nets out to $2008 one pay including all taxes and fees. Comes out to $55/month all in.

MSRP: $35,444
Annual Mileage: 36 months/10,000 miles/year

Sales Tax Rate: [6.25%]


That’s better deal than here in california. Good job!! I just have 1 question on single pay, if something happen to the car, what will happen to your payment?

I was told one pay includes gap insurance. Hopefully I don’t need to find out.

I believe if the payout of the car is higher than the residual then you would get the difference. I think you should be fine!

Which dealer is this at?

Quirk Chevy in Braintree

Thanks. That’s exactly where I am heading. Thanks for the heads up.

Wonder where in California can match this number…