2017 Volt lease prices

Given that the BOLT is to be released soon, do we expect the volt prices to drop down?
Currently, are there any October deals on VOLT?

The Bolt is due to replace the Spark EV. They’ve been doing a good a job of selling out of the Sparks as their pretty much gone now.

The Volt deal has been really really good the past few months. I think the payments may get better by a few dollars per month. I wouldn’t have too high of expectations of seeing a dramatic difference.


If you utilize Costco and farmers bureau of your respective state you will be able to get a better deal I believe.

This year, Volt doesn’t qualify for $700 Costco yard. :frowning:

Just leased my new 2017 Volt LT. Easy transaction. PM if you’re interested in who I worked with.

MSRP: $34,155 (Base with cargo net)
Dealer Discount: $4,161
Selling Price: $29,994
Less Incentives: $7,360 ($4,610 + $2,250 + $500 conquest)
Add Acquisition Fee: $595
Net Cap Cost: $23,229

Term: 36 months, 15k miles/year
Residual: 48% = $16,394.40
Money Factor = 0.00040

Monthly Depreciation = $189.85 ($6,834.40/36months)
Monthly Finance Charge = $15.85 (MF x (net cap cost + resid))

Pre tax monthly = $205.70

Minimum drive offs approx $1k
Tax on incentives
Doc fee
GM Financial paid 1st payment


Thanks for sharing. Does the 1k drive off includes DMV fees, etc ( 1K includes all of the above - registration/doc fee, etc)

The drive offs are comprised of the following:
Tax on incentives
Registration and DMV fees
Doc Fee

I paid nothing to reduce the cap cost.

Also, GM Financial makes the first month’s payment.

FWIW, I test drove a premier yesterday…not bad (going to replace 2013 prius 4).

Walked in, without knowing any numbers…for a 40-41K car, monthly for 36/10K was 384 including 9% ca tax. that was zero drive off (35 payments)…the 1500 ca rebate would come to me, effectively making my payments 344.

I know I can do better…just have to decide if I want the car!

Can you let me know which dealer you worked with?

Thanks for sharing looks like a nice deal. I’m interested in leasing LT as well , the best deal i could fins so far was $1500 drive off , 15k miles, $256 from Dublin Chevy.

So it seems Volt lease offers have improved since last month, according to carsdirect.com.

Best base CARB state offer used to be $299/month, $500 down. Now it is currently $261/month, $500 down.

Trying to pinpoint what has changed though. Looks like the MF, residuals, and CCR have remained the same (.0004/51% for 36 months and 10k/$4,610 + $2,250 bonus CCR). Where’s the $38/month discount coming from??

So out of curiosity I found one 2017 Chevy Volt 2LT in CT state with a bonus tag $1500 on chevy.com.
So on Chevy.com it read that the price should be 33,195.00 (MSRP $33,220 + options $600 + delivery $895 - $1,500 rebate).
Also in CT state in qualifies for $3k of state rebate and of course federal rebate however that is processed by Chevy.
So I asked for $0 down plus fees at signing for a 36 months and 10k miles.

So the dealership comes back with these numbers:
Retail $34,695
Savings $895
Selling Price $33,800
Fees $895
Sales tax $2,178 (I’m under the assumption in CT you pay tax only on monthly payment. Not on the car?)
Net sale price $36,820
Rebate $7,860

Monthly $380 PLUS $1,770 for taxes and fees.

I feel out of the chair laughing when I saw the quote. Good thing I don’t need a car otherwise that would be a long road for negotiations…

Only giving $895 dealer discount…that is a joke. Should be able to easily get $3,500 off MSRP before incentives these days.

Can you please let me know the Dealer?

Hi UncleBob

I am also located in SoCal looking for a Volt lease. Do you mind sharing the dealer info and the sales person you working with?


can I get this deal in so cal ?