2017 Volt lease for $189/month $0 down

Is this a good deal? http://www.chevroletoffremont.com/Special/new/all-Chevrolet-Volt-all-Volt___$188/month,_$0_Down-Fremont-CA/75008190

What is the real number look like after taxes and fees? Trying to avoid a bait and switch. Thanks.

Around $300 in DMV fees plus 9% CA tax. Only on the base model with 34155 MSRP. And they are only doing 5 leases at that price.

So worst case, they will tell you that they already leased 5 and you’ll have to work a bit to get it down to $188.

5 at this price is a BS.

When you go to the dealer you see 50+ of the same car lined up.
I bet you can get that deal regardless.

Yeah that’s why I said they might just have put it there to make it easier to justify offering a higher price.

looks like a nice car

i would jump on this if offered in Las Vegas

I would jump on it if I had a place to charge it.

It’s a bait and switch tactic to get you in the door. Only once you get in there will they say, ‘sorry we don’t have any of that model left’, or ‘that model is tagged as loaner sorry we can’t give it to you’.

That’s why it pays off to get them to verify the quote, in writing, in an email, with all of the lease terms. Set their (and your) expectations by telling them that you’ll come to pick up the car if they can hold one for you at that price, and you shouldn’t have to worry about the bait and switch. If they try it, walk.