2017 Volt Lease $199 Sign And Drive

2017 Volt LT
MSRP $34,555
$0 out of pocket
$199 per month
36 months / 10,000 miles per year

$4,400 GM lease support cash
$2,250 Chevy select market CCR
First payment wavier
$1,700 NYSERDA Clean Air Rebate

Maguire Chevrolet/Cadillac
35 Cinema Dr.
Ithaca, NY 14850

Contact Ritchie Scott (607)-272-9292

in NY is the clear air rebate paid directly to the consumer after purchase or comes off the price as a rebate?
And what sales price are you using?

The incentive is passed on to the consumer as a rebate at time of sale. Dealer is reimbursed.

Sale Price is 30,038.71 before incentives,

That’s cool. Way different then Cali. Out here they send a check for $1,500 right to the customer. It’s about 45 days after purchase…

Phil Gileno
Capitol Chevrolet
San Jose C.A.

@CNYCHEVY welcome to leasehackrt! Thanks for posting great deals for other hackrs in the forum, it is sure to fetch you volume and get ready for get rid of inventory!

This is great price for Volt LT, better than California including the rebate mentioned above, are these volts tagged?

No, they are not. I have already sold my tags. Will get more upon re-load.

CSome follow up questions.

  1. Is the bonus tag on a Volt $500?

  2. Are there additional rebates on top of the ones you listed for a Volt for either Conquest or Loyalty? If so, how much are each?

  3. How many cars are in stock at the price you quoted?

  4. What would payment be with 12K and 15K?

Thanks so much!

  1. Bonus Tag is $500, but mine do not have them.

  2. $500 for both conquest and loyalty

  3. I have 9 at the price

  4. Provided you live in NY, for 12K $219 & 15K $239 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply. When will you next bonus tag any of your volts? Also I have to ask. How is your leasing pricing on any of those bolts you have in stock? Thanks.

Will you deliver to Brooklyn?

Hi Ritchie, i am from Delaware and would like to know how much it would cost me for first payment if i get this from you?

OCChevy.com of Santa Ana, CA (SoCal) is offering 0 down, 199/month + tax + Gov Fees, Lic for current lesees

10K Miles per year

You can get 700 Cash card if you have costco membership before Oct 2

Offer valid till Oct 31, 2017

You can contact

James Keen
c: 951-217-9200
e: Jkeen@occhevy.com

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What is the 0 out of pocket monthly payment with 9.25% tax rate?

Hey! Did you by chance do this great Volt deal and have any more details on it? I’m eyeing the Volt and really interested in doing the same thing. I’m also not far from Santa Ana.

Really appreciate any info - thanks!

Looks like they don’t have the 199 offer anymore… but they do have 249/month 0 down offer now. with premium features. I think that is also good once compared to other dealer’s ridiculous offers.

Hmm…bummer. Any idea what the Sales Price and Incentives/Rebates were based on to get the $199?

$249 seems average for a 2017 now that the 2018’s are out.