2017 Volkswagen Golf Wolfsburg Edition Leasability

Good afternoon, Hackrs.

I am interested in leasing my first vehicle within the next month or so. My current vehicle – a 1999 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport in Fair condition with 120k miles – is fully paid off, and I am okay with trading it in or otherwise disposing of it. I have about $1000 cash on hand, as well.

I am interested in an automatic 2017 Volkswagen Golf Wolfsburg Edition. Where I live – eastern PA – multiple dealers have them listed for MSRP of $24,055. I would be looking for a 36-mo minimum and would shoot for 15k/yr mileage allowance (I don’t drive that much, but 12k/yr would seem to cut it a bit too close for me…)

What are the residual and MF on a 36-mo/15k miles lease for this model, and what is the best deal/monthly lease payment I should reasonably expect?

Thank you!

Rates aren’t too good on 2017 models, unfortunately:

2017 Volkswagen Golf Wolfsburg Edition Auto
36/15K: 60% residual, .00170 MF

Leases on Jetta and Passat are super cheap these days. Less so with Golf, which is a shame because it’s an exponentially nicer car than those two, IMO.

Looks like this dealer is offering $3K off 2017 Golf Wolfsburg and even more on 2016 models: http://www.antwerpenvw.com/new-Baltimore-2017-Volkswagen-Golf-Wolfsburg+Edition-3VW217AU2HM003911

Hi, michael, thanks for the reply and info! I agree that the Golf is the nicer model, and I’m pleasantly surprised that the residual sits at 60% (thought for sure it would be high 50s) – just sucks that that MF is so dang high!

I hadn’t thought about looking out of state, but maybe expanding my search radius would help. Thanks again!

This is the deal I got, hope it’s ok. I wasn’t able to get them to budge at all on the MF.

Golf Wolfsburg Auto 36mo/10k RV: 59%, MF: 0.00120

MSRP: 23515
Discount: -3200
Doc Fee: 299
Acquisition: 625 (maryland)
Lic/Reg: 253
VW Maintenance (routine service): 400

Down: 0
First Month: 287.43
Monthly: 287.43

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