2017 Traverse LT1 AWD

Went to two dealers and called a third. This is what I was given from the first dealer

MSRP : 36,995
Sale Price : 35,595
Incentives : 5,150 (3,150 lease cash + 2,000 conquest cash)
Acquisition Fee : 595
15k per year for 36 months
Money Factor : .00087 (2.09%)
Residual : 56%
Doc Fee : 75
Sales Tax : 8.625% (NY)
Rolled in the taxes on the payment and the taxes on the incentives
Drive Off : First month (375) plus DMV
Monthly : 375

Went to second dealer and was offered
MSRP : 37,245 (250 more expensive than first car)
Drive Off : First month (369) plus DMV
Monthly : 369

Thought I could do a lot better on the sale price. Was only getting about 4% off of MSRP.
First dealer mentioned holdback and how the sale price was 300 under what he got it for.
Second dealer said he was losing money on the deal but he would do it to meet quotas.
Sounds like a bunch of BS to me.

Called third dealer and he couldn’t match my 10% off MSRP monthly price.

I would not lease a Chevrolet for more than 36,000 miles. You will be out of bumper to bumper warranty for most of that third year and may have to put on tires.

Didn’t even think about that. Being out of warranty sucks. That would obviously lower my payment by about 15 dollars but still a bit annoyed that I got such a small discount off the MSRP.

I would also look at 24/15 and 24/12 numbers if you can spare the miles. The sweet spot might be 24 months instead of 36. But yes, that discount off MSRP is terrible. You may have to expand your dealer search. Also might want to check out Acadia and Enclave prices.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll check out the new numbers tomorrow. I did look a but online and have found some more prices in the 5-6% off range. What gives with them only offering 4% off. Are they just unwilling to go lower or are they being honest in that they would lose money if they did?

Can probably get better deals around President’s day. Last time I shopped for a Chevy/GMC I was able to get $3,000 of a $35,500 MSRP (8.4%) but it was not easy. Had to contact about 35 dealers.