2017 Toyota Sienna AWD Lease in North East PA

Hello all,
New to the community and to leasing, have one under my belt and got it with the advertised deal at the time basically. I had always purchased cars by negotiating back and forth with several dealers and getting the best deal. Last go around I did my first lease and feel it was ok but never felt satisfied by the deal. Went looking at Sienna AWDs yesterday and left the dealer feeling like my lease payment was outrageous. I know it’s a negotiation but they acted like that was for buying a car and leases are what they are. That is how I started searching online and found this forum. Can someone please help me with this as their is very little on the forum about the Sienna leases currently and even less on AWD. Looking for an LE or XLE, really comes down to the best deal I can work for an AWD. I’m fine with online haggling and traveling a couple hours even to go get it but live in the Scranton area. I was assuming I could get into one for around 300-325 a month total but not sure. Any help from you gurus would be appreciated. I have three kids now ages 3, 2 and 10 months so killing me I’m getting a minivan to start with but that’s what you do for your family but I don’t want to pay an AMG payment for one too…lol. Really appreciate any help and sorry for the long noob questions. Just current KIA lease ends June 1st so I have to move fast to work everything.

Siennas don’t lease very well and the chances of getting one for $300-325 is very slim. You’re going to be closer to $400 a month. Additionally, Scranton isn’t a very competitive market, so you’re going to need to drive to New Jersey if you want a decent deal. I’d recommend looking at the Chevy Traverse, too. It has leased very well in the past.

Check out the Sienna thread i posted in September. You should be able to do better on pricing (discount relative to MSRP) but residuals might also have moved lower.

Highlander leases better, or at least it did based on the last deals posted here earlier. LE Plus or Xle trims offer the best value IMO.