2017 Toyota RAV4 XLE (AWD) LEASE TAKEOVER - $239.00 MONTH

Lease Takeover
Low monthly payment: $239 month (including Michigan tax) !
Perfect short term lease opportunity.

$200 one time lease transfer fee. Leasing company is Toyota Financial Services (FICO Credit score of 680+ required)
10 Months Remaining (lease end date 5/20/2020)
Current Miles: 33k
Total Mileage Allowance: 36k

2017 Toyota RAV4 XLE
AWD (All Wheel Drive)
Black Exterior, Black Interior
Sunroof, Bluetooth/USB Ports, Radar Cruise + Toyota Safety, Rearview Camera, Power liftgate, + More

Car is in excellent condition / all scheduled maintenance performed

So one can drive 300miles/month for the remaining 10 months? Good luck with the transfer.

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At $3.49 a mile is this the most expensive lease we have seen on the site lol

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Look at the payment folks!!! Pay no attention to the mileage behind the curtain.

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Might have to throw in an incentive on this one to get extra miles…

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This is about how much I drive.

You should get this car then. I heard you love the RAV4. :rofl:

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