2017 Toyota Highlander SE AWD Deal

Sorry for some missing Info, not sure if I got a decent deal or not, Been watching the forums and haven’t seen any final 2017 Highlander SE AWD Deals. I traded in a lease 2015 Toyota Sienna SE FWD with 22k Miles, The Payoff was a wash at $27,663.61, They were going to give me an additional $2,500 off on the Highlander, but they added it in my trade since they said the Sienna was worth 25k.

Here’s the overview of the deal I signed:

MSRP: $42,665
Selling Price: $39,703.64
License, Title, and Registration Fees: $512.39
Acquisition Fee: $650.00

-Now I tried to get these removed from the deal, but was locked in, and discounted the selling price:

Finishing Touch, Dealer Add-on: $425.00
Vehicle Theft: $289.90

Total Cost: $41,580.93
End of Lease: $29,439.00
Lease: 12k/year 36 month
Down Payment: $1,400
Base Payment: $469.15, with Arizona Tax: $509.50

Thanks for posting this. Can you list the gross cap cost, net cap cost and residual?

Here’s the image of the deal, let me know if you can see all the numbers: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2J-9O1JsgUaRDF4OE5TcDJWTnM

Thanks! Looks like your MF is around .00205

If I understand this correctly, they would have made the selling price $37.2K for you or anyone else without a trade?

Yes they were going to match the autotrader price that was listed, I searched everywhere in the US and Arizona had the cheapest AWD Highlander SE.