2017 Toyota Corolla Lease

Helping a friend lease a new car. I already know this price is way too high. What price should I be shooting for, and what do I need to do to get there? We’re in zip code 62901–Illinois. Are there any other recommendations for a lease that will yield a sub-$200 payment. Something closer to, or less than $150 would be ideal.

What’s the MF?

Lowest MF + Lowest selling price = lowest you can go on the lease

I helped a friend lease a 2014 Corolla LE using only Truecar pricing (didn’t have more time) in the middle of a month and got $201/month with $900 up front (including 1st)… with some negotiation I feel you could do better.

Alternatively you can check out Orangeman96’s Sentra deal (very well equipped for $199 with just 1st due at signing)

You can do way better.
Seen lower #s on a Corolla SE.

Tried getting numbers on a Sentra S yesterday, but haven’t gotten any info back. It doesn’t seem like dealers are willing to offer generous discounts in southern Illinois. The Nissan dealer here only offered a $545 discount on top of $2,800 NMAC incentives. I can already tell it won’t be a good deal.

Looking into the Kia Optima, though. I’m seeing a $5,500 manufacturer incentive there.

I think most people here will agree that asking/receiving dealer offers typically does not yield the best result.

Research the numbers (not just monthly and drive-off) but selling price, rebate, MF, RV to see how the end result was achieved. Send that detailed proposal to the dealer and take it from there.

Start up from your bid, not down from their offer.

The 2017 Sentra SL MSRP was 22275 and she got it for around 1200 under invoice. 199 month incl tax. Northern NJ Nissan Dealer.