2017 Terrain SLE

Well first, its not the best deal we have seen on the forum.
Socal has 129 a month with 0 down (someone mentioned it has 980 drive off)

I shopped a few dealer in norcal but no one can match the price.
But one dealer really pissed me off, so want to post here to make sure that i did not miss anything

From their adds, it says 69 a month with 1995 down
When i emailed them for details they told me its
69 a month with 1995 down payment and 1148 drive off.

Obviously i dont want to put so much money down so he came back with
144 a month with 1995 minimum drive off

The monthly should never be 144 if i just simply roll 1148 into the monthly right? So i questioned the SA

The salesman was like ohhh you did not calculate the sales tax in it.
Shouldnt the sales tax already included in the original 69/1995/1148 deal?

I don’t know what to say about their marketing technique, but where you’re at now isn’t a bad starting point. You need to get them to go lower on the sales price and you need to do the acquisition fee waiver to save a few more dollars on top of that.

1148 rolled into 24 payment (should be 23 actually) is like 47ish…
I still dont understand why monthly would bumped up 69 all the way to 132 (before tax)
that is like 1512 in total…

No, they are refusing to go lower and refusing to explain the big price bump…

the deal ends today…not trying to spend more effort into it …
But man,…just simply cant understand this dealer/SA

The ad never includes sales tax, just saying


No he said he can do 69 montly 1995 down 1148 drive off (76 a month after tax)
but if i want to roll 1148 into monthly, my monthly would be 144 (after tax). Which makes zero sense

No, you pay interest on anything you roll into the lease. What’s the MF?

as shown in the pic, apr is 2.9% i assume its 0.00121 (not sure if its marked up)
I can understand interest will be collected on anything roll into the lease but 40% tax? i doubt that.
The salesman got triggered after i asked “did you type the number wrong by mistake”