2017 Terrain lease help

Hello everyone, just got this from a local dealer. How low should I be able to get the selling price?
I’m in Virginia so have to pay 4.15%,tax on the selling price.

The lease pricing on stock number 6350148 Is as follows


Selling price before rebates= 26,924.85

rebates= 4,420.00

DMV =65.75

dealer FEE=499.00

Monthly payment with 500.00 at signing would be 301.00 with only first month of 309.00 at signing monthly payment would be 309.00

Money factor=.00121

This is including conquest so you have to have a 2008 or newer lease non GM product. This is a 24 month lease and 10,000 miles per year.

Thank you

Hi. I think you have some more room to negotiate a better price.

Just as a reference, last week I leased a 41kish Terrain Denali. 24 months, 10k per year. Roughly 1k total due at signing (they over allowed on a trade and cut me a check back for the positive equity in the trade, I applied $1,000 or so of the positive equity as TOTAL down money at signing).

248 per month thereafter (including 9% pa tax). I qualified for the conquest rebate and they also put my wife on the lease because she is a teacher and qualified for some sort of educator or supplier pricing because of that.

Here’s a Terrain SLE for $159 sign and drive (nothing else due) if you have a competitor lease: http://www.simpsongm.com/

But the rub is that last weekend they had Labor Day sales at $139 for the same thing.