2017 Subaru Forester numbers

Does anyone have numbers on 2017 Subaru Forester?
I’m interested in leasing 2017 Subaru Forester premium with all weather package , and package #14 (eye sight+blind spot) in NY. 36 months, 12k/year
What would be a good price? I’m looking into no money down and taxes rolled into monthly payments with only first payment and registration due at signing
Thanks in advance

Seems like the admins reply to the “RV/MF” threads first when people are asking for those, FYI.

i can get you a 2017 subaru forester premium with the packages you want
325 a month
39 months
12,000 miles
700 at signing ( includes all the taxes , bank fee , only paying for first month and plates )

if you want 36 months add 10 dollars to monthly payment

Thanks for your input guys :+1:
So far I’m getting offers between $285 and $315 for 36 months/12 k a year. Taxes included , only registration and first payment due at signing.
That’s 17 Forester premium with package 14 (eye sight, blind spot monitor), no added accessories.

Push for a Touring. I just got a 2017 Forester Touring with Eyesight, Navi, all weather mats, mud guards, remote start and a few other accessories for zero due at signing, 6% sales tax included for $330/mo

Mike, Are you in NJ? What was MSRP of your car?
What was due at signing ? First month and registration?

I’m in Cincinnati. Vehicle is being purchased from Beechmont Subaru but we live in Northern Kentucky. We used to buy from Bill Kolb Jr when we lived in NY.

I don’t have all the numbers in front of me but I know the MSRP with all the accessories pushes over $34k and there’s zero due at signing since we currently have a Subaru lease that’s being turned in. We get an extra $500 off and Subaru is paying the first payment. The money factor is 0.000300

Kings Subaru actually gave a better number at $295/monwith zero due for a Touring with Eyesight and Avi but no remote start or mats etc. But they couldn’t source a car in time.

Joseph Subaru came in at $355 for a Touring with Eyesight Navi and remote start. Zero due.

Wow, $295 for a touring !!!
That’s awesome price. I’m offered $299 for premium with eyesight !
So $500 off and no first payment , not even plates/registration because you turning in lease.
I traded in Subaru which I bought but was never offered any discounts. Do you know if you would qualify if your trade in Subaru wasn’t leased?

You should get a $500 loyalty, I think.

Mike , would you be so kind to pr.message me a picture of Kings and Joseph Subaru offers (just numbers, no private info). Something like a picture I attached here.
These Subaru dealers here are terrible. As soon as you show an offer from competing dealer, their offer immediately drops down - $35/month. Even the salesman I bought my 2015 Forester from gave me an offer of $335 on premium Forester and then came down to $299.
For example, that’s an offer on a Nissan I leased last year, which I used to show to competing dealers to negotiate a price.

So far that’s the best offer I got , $299 , 12k/36m , first payment and registration due at signing.

Here’s the one that was $295/incl tax and Eyesight and Navi but no remote start or rubber mats. Unfortunately no MSRP listed.

The XT was much more pricey with the same options.

The confirmation note on this deal is throhhh text, but the numbers are the same, except zero due at signing. $331/mo for 35 more months, 6% sales tax incl, Eyesight, Navi, rubber mats, mud flaps, remote start, etc incl, pick up car in about a week. Silver/black.

Mike, you’re the man !!! Thank you so much !

Everyone, here’s an example how fellow Subaru enthusiasts help each other :sunglasses:

Mike, just to make sure: there was no gap insurance included in $295 touring (it’s not a requirement in your state)? And this model has no heated seats?

Touring is loaded and has heated seats, of course.

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