2017 Sierra Denali RV & MF Request

Hey Guys… I am looking into the following.
The dealer gave me some absurd out of the gate offer so i want to have some ammo to go back with.
Any help would be greatly appreciated !

GMC, Sierra 1500, Denali, 4x4 Short Box
Zip Code: 07731 (NJ)

Looking for RV & MF and any rebates etc.

Thanks !

Can anyone help on a current RV and MF in 07731 ?

GM numbers are national. No differences across the country. 70% for 36, 68% for 39. MF is .00132. Nice to see someone else from the 732 on here

awesome… thanks boardwalk… i still have 4 months on my current lease… i am hoping to use this site to find the best deal i can on my new one. i may recheck in 3 months… thanks for the reply !

hey any chance you have current MF / RV numbers ?
Hoping to go tomorrow and lease one.

Knowing th RV/MF isn’t as important as getting the best discount off MSRP, which is highly recommended to negotiate via email before even stepping into a dealership. The RV can’t be changed and the MF can be marked up, but knowing this info is only part of the equation for the best deal.

GM Financial removed the dealer workbook with all of this information from the Internet. I wouldn’t worry about it so much and just ask the dealer about it. If the MF seems high, ask another dealer for what they say it is. Chances are one will not mark it up

thanks jon… understood. but extremely difficult to get a dealer or saleman to put a price in writing let alone in an email. the first time i went 2 months ago i know they marked up the MF as the payment sounded way to high. once i started asking what they were using for MF and RV the tone changed… hoping to have some ammo this time