2017 Santa Fe Sport 2.4L FWD

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Does anyone know how much I can shave off the MSRP of FWD 2.4L with tech package (about $35K MSRP) in California? I have spoken to a couple of dealers and because there are incentives available, suddenly it seems impossible to shave much off. Of course there is room, but I also want to have realistic expectations. If anyone has any experience shaving large amounts of this vehicle before incentives, I’d love to hear about it. Thanks in advance, I’ve already learned so much here.

If you are in CA have a look at TrueCar. Hyundai dealers a re pretty active on it and if you register and go through the process you will find the prices much better than the average advertised.

I’ve thought of signing up for true car but I did not want to give my phone number. Do you have experience with it? Do you get non stop marketing calls? Just figured I’d rather pay more for a car then have to change my phone number after a couple months, haha!

Get a prepaid sim card for your phone, activate it, and let it sit in a drawer. No need to deal with annoying phone calls with this method

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I’ve been looking at this same vehicle with Popular package. You will get between $2k - $3k off MSRP, then rebates which vary but mine are totaling about $4,500 in rebates. Tax is on the selling price (MSRP + Dealer Discount).

The rebates/incentives this month are good, they last until July 5th I think. If you have Uber you can do even better. I’m in SoCal (OC) and I’ve been to most of the local dealers so PM me if you want some referrals (been screwed over by a few already but I’m quick to walk once they start changing their stories).

Ok, well I have been shooting for about 10% off MSRP and that sounds doable. I guess I’ll need to give in to the true car and honcker apps. Thanks for the info.

GV numbers are free for the asking

Thats true, I forgot about that. Might as well get it before google kills it.