2017 S60 Inscription T5 Platinum

Experts - my first post and potentially, my first lease. So, here in GA we have the TAVT tax. The tax is paid up-front (or rolled into financing) at the rate of 7.0% of the fair market value of the vehicle.

MSRP - 46,415
Adjusted - 34,532
Taxable fees - 995
Doc Fee - 599
GATAVT - 2,842
Non taxable fees - 47
Net Price - 39,015

3/36 = $541

Based on what I’ve seen on the site, this is horrible deal.

How do I negotiate this number?

Thanks folks - love the site!

Start with 15% off MSRP before any incentives.

Good call. Thanks for the response.

There should be $7,500 Volvo cash and another $1,500 for A-plan (if qualified) + $750 Bonus Cash
(Truecar In-Market Targeted Conquest Offer) - whatever it is.

And get MF/RV from Edmunds.

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Or just get a Volvo S90

On the S60:

Platinum FWD - .00062

Platinum AWD - .00036

Residuals for 36 months on FWD:

10k = 45%

12k = 44%

15k = 42%

Residuals for 36 months on AWD:

10k = 46%

12k= 45%

15k= 43%

Is yours AWD or FWD? The incentives I posted were for FWD.

Definitely [20 chars]


MSRP - $45,955
Invoice - $43,699
Lease Allowance ($5,000)
Holiday Sales Event ($2,750)
3% Holdback ($1109 – figured off base price of vehicle)
New Dealer ($750)
Selling price - $34,090.

This is the best I can get.


Before incentives? And no A-plan, I guess? Invoice should include $500 advertisement.

Gotta be able to do better than that.
It’s not easy and not every dealership will agree to play ball.
Out of 10 I talked to only one agreed to give large discount and combine it with rebates. But I was targeting a loaner.

My deal

Wait 4 weeks until the tax structure changes.

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Roger that…thanks for the advice.