2017 RX350 Lease Deal

Been working all my local and out of state dealers, hardly anyone is budging on MSRP much for the RX350’s. This is what I’ve got for an out of state deal in Atlanta.

MSRP: 52,664
Net Price: $46,179 (12.3% off MSRP)
Acq Fee: $700
Dealer Fee: $599
Tax/Title: $104
Tax Rate: 7.5%
Residual: 62% (despite 36/15k)
Rebate: $1040 ($500 Lease Cash, $540 first month payment)
MF: 0.00123 (0.00155 + 4 MSD = 0.00123)

Total Cap Cost: $47,221

Monthly = $540.43

This is the biggest I’ve been able to get off MSRP for a fairly well equipped car, won’t budge anymore on price even with trying to get a group buy going. Wife really wants the car, good deal or no?

Sounds like you are cooked! Ha

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Thats the problem! And the fact I closed on the Mini deal that loberant posted, so now I’m in trouble for “getting a car we didn’t even plan for” before her. :fearful:


I was at $555 on a new 450h f sport in LA. MSRP $63500


Name of the dealer?

36/10 talk to Khristophe or Sam in the internet sales of Van Nuys Lexus, but mine did have MSD’s

Seems when I play with the calculator, your deal is similar to mine when I adjust for 10k vs 15k. MSDs make a big difference obviously.

I think I’m going to pull the trigger on this particular deal. It’s the color combo and options that the wife wants, they are locating it. Guess the price of not just picking any color combo off the lot.

EDIT: ran the numbers with 36/10 and 9 msd and it’d be $456 a month, $526 with no MSD.

Be happy about your car for the next three years. I once settled for something off the lot when I couldn’t find my desired color/option combo. I regretted that decision after a while.

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MF & MSD does make a big difference. I have been working with my local dealer and they seem to be stuck with a MF of .00123 with 9 MSD’s and they are calculating the 9 MSD’s to come out to (9*575=5175)

I’m not sure how they are coming up with these numbers. Are these number not set by Lexus? Should they not be starting with a MF of .00155? And each MSD should be $500… right?

Where do we get the info for The MF number and the security deposit that I can point out to them… looks like they are playing with these number to inflate the monthly payments

That is indeed clearly a marked up MF. they are flat out lying otherwise.

I’m putting down 4 MSD for a total down of $2150 and that takes the MF from 0.00155 to 0.00123. I might put down more, but meh, would rather that cash go into the house remodel.

With 9 msd it should be like 0.00085 or something!

Each msd is basically your monthly rounded up to the nearest $10 I believe times the number of msd.

So if you had a $500 payment, 9 msd would be $4k

I think a lot of manufacturers round up to the nearest $50, but Lexus appears to round up to the nearest $25.

I’m in the market for a 2017 RX350 F-Sport and should be signing my paperwork later today. I’ll update my final numbers once I am home with everything finalized.

What dealership in atlanta?

I got my 2017 RX350 F-Sport yesterday and am happy. I want to thank @Silver815 and @Ed_Churchward for their recommendation of Roubie at Jim Falk. He gave the best quote, but his selection was very limited. F-Sports in general are fairly limited in SoCal (only 8 White on Black in all of SoCal). I ended up getting mine from Paul V. at Lexus of Thousand Oaks.

MSRP: $59274
Sales price: $53200 (~10.25% off before incentives)
Incentives: $2999 ($1k for loyalty, $1k for LA auto show cert, $500 lease cash, $499 first month comp)
Drive-offs: $4731 ($4500 of which is for MSDs)
Monthly: $499
Terms: 36 months, 12k/year

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Got anymore of those L.A. Auto show certs that you could mail? :yum:

Sounds like a great deal. Wish I could afford one of those but I’ll go with the x3

Happy wife,happy life! Go for it