2017 rx350 12/24/36?

Year: [2017]
Make, Model, and Trim: [Lexus RX350]
Months/Annual Mileage: [36/15]
Zip Code: [63303]

Anyone know if Lexus does 12 and 24 month 15k leases? If so, what the residuals are on the rx.


2017 RX 350

24/15K: 67% RV, .00155 MF
36/15K: 61% RV, .00155 MF

All: $500 lease cash
Targeted: $1,000 Grad/Military

2017 RX350 AWD F-Sport

36/10k: 58% RV, .00055 MF
36/7.5k: 59% RV, .00055 MF

Can I get updated values?

Year: 2017
Make, Model, and Trim: Lexus RX350 AWD
Months/Annual Mileage: 36/15 and 24/15
Zip Code: 54115

MF 0.00055
RV 56% for 12k and 36 months
$2500 lease cash by the end of the month

Thanks for the quick reply. What’s he residual on 15k?

-2% for 15k, so 54%.

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does anyone know the residuals on the 2017 RX 350 this month on a 12k leases (i.e. 24 months and 36 months)?

bump so you can get some answers :slight_smile:

any help on this would be appreciated :slight_smile:

You can find leasing numbers at Edmunds. Go to the RX leasing page.