2017 RAV4 XLE Dealer calculation

I am looking at a RAV4 XLE lease in upstate NY. 36/10K, the dealer is telling me residual is 59%, while their own website calculator states that it is 61%. Can this be confirmed? Also, even when using their number I cannot get to their calculated payment and want to be sure I am not missing something. Here are the factors:
MSRP: 30,568
Fees: 200
Acquisition fee: 650
Price: 27,068
Trade in: 4,000
Residual: 58% (accurate?)
MF: .00001

I’ve run several calculations and used different calculators and I get @ $170-$175/ mo., while the dealer is telling me $183.

Aside from the bait and switch residual, can anyone see where the difference is? The only thing I can think of is that they are not adjusting the sales tax for the trade in?

Thanks for any help?

The dealer cannot alter the residual value as that’s set by the bank and is a pure math calculation. They can only alter sell price, fees, and MF.