2017 Range Rover Evoque First Lease $340 (incl.Tax) - Please Evaluate

This is my first lease - interested in getting feedback. I’ve placed a deposit to hold the car and lock down the pricing, but have not yet signed the contract yet.

2017 Range Rover Evoque SE AWD

Loaner Vehicle - 7,900 miles - Cold weather package + Navigation

MSRP ~$45,000
Selling Price - $36,900
Term: 33 months
Residual - $25,000 (55%)
Annual miles - 12k
Monthly payment - $340 (including 7% Tax)
Upfront payment - $1250 (including first month + TTL + Acquisition fee)

Located in New Jersey

Upfront payment will be waived as I’m trading in a 2002 Lexus ES300 with 195k miles


You have a 5 ish year old car with 200k miles!

Sorry, typo - should say 2002! CORRECTED

Daaaaaaaaang,I like!

Nice Deal. Can you provide the Dealership details & Contact, I am also looking for a Range Rover Evoque or Discovery Sport.

Good deal. As low as I have seen on the evoque.

Looks like a good deal, except for the trading in part. I would think the 2002 ES300 is worth more than $1250?

Dent in front bumper, needs power steering rack replacement, timing belt needs to be changed soon…I was honestly happy with anything for it

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Yea, sometimes it’s not worth the trouble of selling it yourself. Congrats and enjoy the Evoque.


How do you guys find the loaner vehicles? I’ve been trying to hunt one down but having a hard time finding them on the local dealers site. Do you call in and ask?

Can anyone provide me the dealership and contact please? Thank you!!

My wife LOVES the Evoque…I would do a lease at this price right this second. The dealer here in town doesn’t play ball though.