2017 ram big horn - good deal?

How bad of a deal is this? Where can I negotiate to bring it down?

Location- Northern California
MSRP- 47,385
Cap cost- 41,677
Residual- 52%- 24,640
Money rate- 0.530 (/1000)
Payment 546.23
36 month/ 10,000 miles
Total due at signing 1,500

First time attempting to lease but 500 plus was way more than everyone has posted on here for the same truck

Thanks guys!

Fixed typo…still learning the website

I thought dodge was giving big discounts on their trucks. The 2016s at least. Leases under 300 so try to reduce sales price.

Thank you! Yes, the 2016 seem to be almost 20% Msrp, just hard to find a dealer with more than 1 in stock so far.

Try and match the discount here. Price here includes 3k down but it is also a pricier truck. So if you can get the cap cost to around 37k (around 20% discount), then the rest follows. Check manufacturer offers. In NE, it is 6k, based on that, a 10k discount is only a 4 k discount from the dealer.