2017 Ram 1500 Big Horn Lease

I currently have a 2015 Chrysler 300 with 4 payments left of $217 in Michigan. I was considering a truck for my next lease. I have an employee discount as well (dad). Assuming I pull the trigger with 2 payments left, what can I expect for a V8 Big Horn stickered at $49,000?

The dealer I leased my 300 from quoted me yesterday for $360 for 15k miles/24 months. No idea on the other numbers off the top of my head. it was a quote over the phone. I’d be willing to go with 12k miles if it saves me a significant amount of money.

There is most likely a large cap cost reduction (downpayment) – if this is $0 down, you should go get this truck right now

If I go with 12k/year he quoted me at (I think?) $325ish if I signed today. I was thinking of using my current lease for two more payments to lower my next lease when they roll over the payments (I figure $9/payment for each month I wait). Honestly, I’m looking for $300 max for a monthly payment with $0 down barring the required fees, etc. I would be up then around late April, or early May.

Do not do this deal yet. Search Ram in this forum. There are significant rebate and discounts available. The payments should come to less than 300.

And btw, the 300 for 217 a month was a good deal assuming you did not put anything down.

That’s what I figured. As for the 300 I think I put around $600 down. It’s also RWD and doesn’t have the safety package with blind spot notification, etc.

You should be getting approx 10k In rebates with a third party bank.

If got mine for 199 a month beforetaxes and fees. I put those down. I think the best way to compare deals on this site is with taxes and DMV fees out of the payment because every state even county is different. NY taxes rebates and has a high sales tax amount which would inflate payment compared to a low tax state…My sticker was 39300, wasn’t a big horn it was an express. I opted for the pentstar v6 over the hemi since the I only need to tow 7500 lbs max. So I got 10.5k in rebates since the pentastar adds a 500 dollar rebate

So I have a question…if the MSRP is listed at $49000 and on the dealer website it’s listed at $41,733 from a “dealer discount” is that them just applying the rebates and incentives? Also I’m not sure if they are already including employee pricing or not.

What’s a realistic price to get a 2017 Big Horn with Hemi, Alpine stereo, and heated seats/steering wheel with an MSRP at $49,000 after everything (including employee up to 5% off MSRP discount)? Upper $30k? Is it possible to get $250-300 with 12k miles a year with $0 down except doc fees, etc.? Sales tax is 6% in MI.

250-300 probably isn’t possible with 12k and zero down on a 49k sticker. My best guess you’re looking closer to 350. More info such as what the employee price would be and what the residual on 12k miles is…10k miles from us bank was 53 percent last month for me. Also depends on if you qualify for the lease conquest incentive. And what other incentives are there when you actually decide to pull trigger… if I were you I’d start by making contact with a dealer and start getting some numbers as a baseline and work from there. It’s usually a longer process to get a good deal, not a one trip event.

Under 300 Quite possible if you qualify for all incentives such as lease conquest

If the above is possible for me today, I would do it.

That excludes tax title DMV and other fees
And thats also 10k… op wanted 12k

I’d estimate ur looking at close to 2k in tax title DMV acquisition fees again i dont know these exact, depends on how tax works where your buying and other associated fees which are unknown. So that’s another 55-60 a month, plus the cost of raising mileage, since i dont know the residual on 12k, id once again estimate in the area of 30-40 more a month, so like I estimated before closer to 350 with zero drive off.

Again this is why I think deals should be shared without taxes and fees added in, just what the cost of the actual car is itself for comparison reasons, different states have too many different variables with taxes fees etc. car price can be negotiated, govt fees can not

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Is something like this a good deal? Is it possible to get that deal or more? This is for the above mentioned Ram including employee pricing(I think?).

Your dealer discount is great, your rebates are not. If you want the best deal your going to need 9-10k in rebates. Again this is going to need to be done through a third party bank like us bank… 7500 idl cash right off the bat plus 1000 bonus 1000 conquest gives you 9500. I’m willing to bet the double ** fine print reads excludes tax and fees

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Any recent ram numbers ? Looking at express 1500

Here’s a quick update. Yesterday I pulled the trigger on a 2017 Ram 4x4 Crew Cab stickered at $49480. With employee pricing and lease loyalty plus all the other incentives I came away with $500 down and a monthly payment of $263 for 24 months at 12k miles including MI’s 6% sales tax. This also includes the remaining 3 payments of $217 from my previous lease. It is through Ally. Good deal or not?

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Including sales tax that’s awesome deal… does Michigan not tax rebates like ny does?

Spectacular deal. We should all be so lucky.

Please post some detail numbers such as total rebates, sales price and fees wo we can compare lease numbers across jurisdictions (pre tax and accounting for things such as tax on rebates, tax upfront etc etc).