2017 QX60 lease Offer - NJ

Hey guys,

Been following the forum for a while only posting now… I have an offer for a 2017 QX60 w/ premium, premium plus, technology and driver assist package (basically fully packed) planning to sign later this week.

MSRP - 53k
Negotiated - 47k

MSD - 4500
Taxes upfront - 1173
Monthly - $410/mo.

Residual of 62% on msrp (33k)

Thoughts on price and monthly? If I roll the taxes into monthly it will be $440.

Thanks guys…

1st thing: What’s the MF and have you checked with the calculator to make sure the numbers add up?

It’s not by much but I see the tax is a little off. It should be 410397% + 47K*0.4%

Yea, I checked the calculator, its showing monthly payment numbers at 390, MF is 0.0006

That’s why I posted because I am not sure where the difference is coming from.