2017 QX30S Fully loaded Austin, TX Lease Takeover $346/month

I have a black, fully loaded 2017 Infiniti QX30S I have had only for a month or so. Just got the plates and registration. I would like to know if anyone would be interested in taking over? I don’t drive it much, I don’t drive far, and it’s not for me.

Here are the details of the deal I got from Austin Infiniti:

$346/month 39 months 12k miles.

First month and taxes paid.
Resdiual 55%
Money Factor: .0003
MSRP: 44,380
Sale Price: 34,000
Savings: 10,380
Color: Black Obsidian

Let me know if interested. I’m looking to move to something more my style or maybe nothing at all.

I hope I’m not breaking any rules by bumping this up. Would love to transfer this over to anyone interested. As far as I know this is a pretty good deal. My only ask is you pay the transfer fee if any. I have less than 700 miles on it.