2017 Q60 Sport Lease Advice - "Deal of the Year?"

Is this a good deal?

MSRP $52,355

$2000 Drive Off

Amy feedback would be appreciated.

You should give the breakdown of the structure of the deal. I’m pretty sure it’s NOT the “deal of the year” though.

Lol @ deal of the year.

Infiniti of Allentown in PA is advertising the Q60 for $399 with zero down. Which means, you can get it for cheaper than $399 with zero down.

@Jon I’m waiting for the breakdown, will share as soon as I have it.

@Raven The advertised price is for a non optioned base model 2.0 for under $40K MSRP car. The car I’m looking at is over $12K higher MSRP. Makes a night and day difference my friend.

What dealer is this from?

So with everything on paper, this deal changed a bit, but it still seems pretty good as it meets the 1% rule.
You guys think I have more room even though the dealer claims they are bottomed out and this is a “looser” deal for them…


$2000 Drive Off
$445/mo (incl 8.75% tax)

$1000 Rebate
Gross Cap Cost: $46,243
Nat Cap Cost: $44,382

MF: 0.000130
Residual: 55%

I usually dont believe in the “loser” deal moniker any sales person pitches. I calculated the same number of $445/mo based on your info. I think its a good deal (about 11% off MSRP plus the incentives of $1000). The money factor is marked up (s/b .00003 as far as i know) but the residual for 10k is also increased (I thought its 54% for 10K)…so both of this is a bit of a wash.

If it were me, I would work that $2000 drive off and it could be a deal. Just my opinion. Thanks

Happy 4th Everyone.
I’m finally an owner of a new Q60 Silver Sport, Majestic White on Gallery White.

Final deal landed me at $1500 Drive off, $442/mo.
Net monthly cost puts me well under the 1% rule. I’m happy with the deal I got and most importantly thrilled with the car. The white interior adds another dimension to the overall looks of the car.

Thanks for the feedback all.

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Congrats! Post pics and post the full breakdown to help anyone in the same boat