2017 Q50 Red Sport RWD 39/10 - SoCal

Hey Hackrs -

Been debating between a BMW 330e and an Infiniti Q50 RS and I’ve settled in on a Q50. Here’s the best deal that has been presented:

MSRP - $55,315
Selling Price - $47,250
Residual - 58%
MF - .00007
Term - 39/10
Payment - $445 with tax
Drive off - $1,065

Can I do better? I’ve been at this for about a month but I occasionally read about slighty bigger discounts; however, I don’t qualify for any of the other incentives (VPP, loyalty, etc).

I look forward to your feedback.

Seems like BMW 330e a bit cheaper now. Newcarsuperstore has it for $369 zero down Guys name is chris