2017 Optima phev Dealer offer fudging numbers? help Pls


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Thoughts of the Hive mind appreciated on the following:

Leftover 2017 Kia Optima PHEV

leasehackr inputs:
MSRP: $36595
Selling price: $32379
Lease cash: $12749
$1100 NYS Drive Clean Rebate
Residual Value: 43%
Money Factor: .00222
Acquisition Fee: $650
Term: 36 Months
Mileage 10k
Tax rate: 8.625%

Leasehackr Calculated Monthly payment: $236 with 0 Down

Dealer gave me this:

He told me that his system would not let him input the $1100 from NYS as a rebate.

From what I understand, his written deal would be an even better deal than what I had calculated since his $1104.69 would come off as the rebate and I would still be zero drive off.

Am I wrong?

I also have a $339 zero down offer on a 2017 PHEV tech package which I would prefer but refuse to agree to because the dealer (different dealer) wants a $895 doc fee and refuses to budge.$895 can you believe that?