2017 nissan sentra lease thoughts

Hi hackers,

Helping sister in law lease a 2017 nissan sentra sv with navigation.
New Jersey - sales tax is 6.875 now.
Msrp 22935 invoice 21979. Acquistion is $595 i believe
54% ($12384) and .00003 for 17 sv 12k miles.
Also 2025 lease cash and I think another 1k on all sentras =3025
Want to get her payment $200 or below with true 0 down sign and drive (everything rolled in).

If I aim for 1k to 1500 below invoice on sale price does it get me there. Love your advice and thoughts!!!


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1500 below invoice gets you to 177/m with 1st month due at signing, by my excel calc

Did you use the calculator here?

Hello Max,

I used the calculator and got 178/month. I have been using the spreadsheet created by another user in the How to Work the Lease Deal post. Not sure if that’s accurate as I have been getting around 200 using the spreadsheet - not sure if the tax is the difference.

Not sure which one you used, but if it’s a sheet that taxes the entire selling price, obviously the tax bill (and all-inclusive payment) will be much higher.

Since we both got to $177.xx it is unlikely we are both wrong

You can check my math by hand (i.e. regular calculator), here are all the figures:

That’s awesome max. Headed to the dealer with her, unfortunately this Saturday (worst day) only day she can do it. Hoping for a good battle - would like that payment if possible.

hi so the rebates are actually 2525
my name is eric and i work for a leasing company 2017 nissan sentra sv w navi and heated seats.( It will have the drivers assist package and all weather package
msrp 21405
invoice 20516
selling price is 19016
i can get you
190 a month sign and drive
36 months
12k miles

Thank you Eric, that would be perfect. She does still need to test drive a Sentra fist, but I think she will go in that direction. 1500 below invoice would be fantastic and puts us at a 0 sign and drive all in deal of 190/month 36/12k - how do you as a leasing company work? She is coming off of a Honda Civic lease, would she need to return vehicle to a honda dealer and then make deal with you? Where does she pick up car and sign paperwork etc?

Post your experience/feedback on the forum when all is said & done…I think there are some people here who would go through a leasing company/broker if it wasn’t a big difference.

Funny. The SL model with a more expensive msrp is turning out to be a slightly better deal than a loaded SV due to better residual 57% vs 54% but its close. Headed to dealer on Saturday, will depend on if she wants leather or not.

Why not finalize the numbers over email? Don’t play their games, on saturday of all days, when the Finance guy is genuinely busy (regardless the sales guy will disappear for 25 min at a time to ‘check with the manager’) and they’ll wear you down over hours and hours…

Believe me max it is beyond my control. Doing this for sister in law. This is the only day of the month she has available. She has never even driven the car yet. I tried to get her to test drive one first so I could deal on phone with sales mgr. She is stubborn. I called sales mgr today and made offer with my sales price below invoice we want to get her in a loaded SV for under 200 month and he said he would try and get as close as he can, that old gag. Sat is awful I know but im at her mercy. I did a deal with same dealer last month for wifes car over phone was all ready when we got there. Ill give him bemefit he will make good again.

I’ve been in exactly the same position but still finalized numbers over email. The dealer does not know the buyer hasn’t test driven the vehicle. Around here at least, it’s standard to test drive the VIN/stock you are buying anyway. If you don’t like the car, walk away…

Well I was a @#%$@ and told the dealer by phone she had yet to test druve the vehicle. I am still going to email him these 2 offers today, Max or anyone please rake a look and verify if my numbers are correct and make sense:
Also want 0 down true sign and drive, everything rolled in.

2017 Nissan Sentra SL (Gun Metal/Charcoal)
Stock HY204949
MSRP 22795
Residual 57% 12983
Sale Price 20838
Lease Cash 2525
Acquisition Fee 595
DMV 311
Doc Fee 449
Adj Cap Cost 19668
Money Factor .00003
36 months/12,000 miles
Sales Tax 6.875%
Monthly payment 186.40 + 12.68 tax = 199.08

2017 Nissan Sentra SV (Titanium/Charcoal)
Stock HY204154
MSRP 22145
Residual 54% 11958
Sale Price 19893
Lease Cash 2525
Acquisition Fee 595
DMV 311
Doc Fee 449
Adj Cap Cost 18723
Money Factor .00003
36 months/12,000 miles
Sales Tax 6.875%
Monthly payment 188.84 + 12.98 tax = 201.82

I get $199.24 with everything rolled in and just first month due at signing for the first one.

My spreadsheet is not set up for a $0 sign and drive (creates a ‘circular reference’ in excel which can probably be worked around but I’ve never bothered)

Think these are readonably good deals.

Invoice on that SL is 21838

I would also question the assumption (if it’s been made here) that the SV and SL should go for the same discount below invoice. SVs are about 10x or more available than SLs. Whether that means SLs are harder to sell (bigger discount) or they wait for the elusive buyer who insists on getting something ‘fully loaded’ (smaller discount), I don’t know.

That 3% residual makes a huge difference. Sent modified offer to denville, 1350 below invoice to test the waters

Dealer agreed yo 199 month, first month due at signing for 2017 Sentra SL, splash guards, mats, net…msrp 22795. If she likes the ride, she will sign tomorrow

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Good job :thumbsup:
Always better to negotiate beforehand…

PS Hope she likes the ride otherwise you’re back to sq 1. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

yes if she likes it. If not were headed to Honda for another civic with less options for more money.