2017 Mini Cooper S 4dr Demo numbers

I just got these from a SoCal dealer. I ran them through the calculator and I am getting a different payment? What am I missing? And does this look like a reasonable deal? I am currently in one of Loberants Minis from last December about to expire. I would have thought there would be loyalty?


Where are you located? I have a similar spec that I can possibly beat it with.

You didn’t put any acq fee or take into account the mileage penalty. The numbers from the dealer actually look better than what I’m calculating. I thought maybe there are leasing incentives, but they wouldn’t apply with that many miles on this loaner.

I’m in 90041. I’m currently with bmwfs until the end of feb. Ideally a 4dr cooper s dark colored with black leatherette. Thanks!

Ah right. That might make the difference then. I wasn’t sure how to plug the taxable amount in either.does the acq fee change per dealer?