2017 Mercedez C300 Coupe Lease Deal

Got a quote today on a new lease…thought?

$49,325 msrp
44,100 sell price
No Down
.00136 MF
625/mo 12/k miles

Do you know the residual?

Which state? (what’s the tax)

In my ZIP in LA that discount seems about right on Truecar.

Have you thought about Autopay to reduce your MF?

What are the drive offs? You say No Down, is it a sign and drive?

Thanks for getting back to me Ed. Much appreciated.

I didn’t get a residual from him but I heard generally C300 Coupe’s are 60%… :confused:

CA as well not sure on tax…

I have heard of this.

i’m putting down 5K but I also have 5K in negative liquidity in a loan i’m trading.

Looks like they have marked up the MF from 0.00106. This is based on Dec numbers, but most of them seems to be the same in Jan. Perhaps @michael could confirm?

Auto pay would reduce that by 0.0001 and save you some money. The discount seems ok though. Which dealer s is this from? The fleet manager at Penske is great and likes to ship cars out with no MF markups and bottom $ on the sale price.

You are correct. The dealer said he might be able to get me “Tier 1” which would be 0.00106. This dealer is in Sacramento, CA.

How much more do you think I can get off that payment?

What are your drive offs?

I believe the residual is 58% at 36/12k. If you did 10 MSDs and autopay, it would drop the payment to around 540/month assuming you paid registration, first month payment, dealer doc fee and the multiple security deposits at signing. With a 58% residual and no incentives, it is never going to be too great. All you can do is try for a bigger discount and see if you qualify for fleet incentives (2k on c class).

Thanks Jason and Ed! I’m going to do some extensive shopping tomorrow and will report back. Hope you guys can help :slight_smile:

@Jason_B @Ed_Churchward

Have you seen 550/Mo w/ $0 due at signing on a deal similar to this before?

Not specifically on the C300 coupe, but shouldn’t be a problem. For reference, I am paying 585 on a $63,765 sticker 2017 E300 with nothing due at signing. I would want under 500 for the C300.

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Wow, that is solid. I wish I could have you virtually here to haggle with me.

Do you get quotes before going in and having them run your credit? I feel like alot of dealers are giving me the run around, quoting me fairly high and wanting me to come in. Thoughts

I communicate by email generally. Present the deal you want and tell them you are ready to buy. Also, communicate that you are prepared to come in and do the deal, but not until to you have a signed offer sheet from the sales manager. If they start in with nonsense about credit, screenshot your credit karma account and state credit will not be an issue. Patience will be key. You will have better luck at end of month, quarter, etc. I did my deal at end of December.


Jason’s approach is pretty much the ideal way to do it. Never any need to go into the dealer unless you are collecting the car.

I did a lot of it over phone because email was too slow for me and it was slightly more personal. But that is just me


Did you have to push hard for a quote? I feel like i’m getting the run around from every dealer when trying to request. I’ve only received two quotes and they were wayyy to high.

I think the point that you are missing is that we never asked for a quote. We gave them all the numbers and asked them to say yes or no.


If you ask for a quote, they will always be high. No salesman isn’t going to go for all the money on the first offer. Present your desired deal to a few dealers and be patient. It may take a few weeks or even months, but one of those dealers is going to need to make their month-end or quarter-end numbers and will come back to you.

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I’m not current on recent programs but historically non-sedan variants have always leased poorly compared to the equivalent sedan.

If the sedan leased for X % of MSRP, you could have expected to pay 1.2 or 1.25 X of MSRP for the equivalent coupe and maybe more for the conv and wagon.

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Residual is 3% worse so that is going to make about a $50 per month difference by itself.

Ok final deal I negotiated…

49,325 msrp
8k off
41325 sell price
5k down
.0096 MF

5k in negative equity from my current car loan they are eating.

Please let me know if I should go for it. Sounds good to me. I negotiated best I could with three dealerships in my area. @Jason_B @Ed_Churchward I’m counting on you guys.

Well done. Much better deal than originally posted. And the 5k is basically just covering your other car, so is independent of the deal.

If you like the car I would go for it.

What are the drive offs? Is this a sign and drive?