2017 Mercedes GLE350 Lease Deal

I negotiated a deal for a 2017 MB GLE350 4matic today. It seems like a pretty good deal, but I’m open to feedback.

MSRP is $68655
Negotiated price $59000

Residual (36mo/10k mi): 56%
MF: The dealer claims to be using base MF which is 0.00047 but the numbers don’t seem to add up for me.
$0 cap cost reduction
10 MSDs: $7000
Total Drive-offs: $8298.71 (MSDs, first month, DMV, doc fee)

Monthly with 8.25% tax: $689.36

Not perfect - but the LH calculator seems be within range. Is this a coupe or the SUV?

It’s the SUV. Formerly known as the ML350.

Doubt there is much room for movement there – 15% tends to be the max discount on M-B without incentives. 56% residual is always going to make it a pretty rough vehicle to lease. If it is what you want, I say go for it. Best case scenario, you will shave $35 off the payment with additional negotiation.

Ah yes… I have one of those beauties, non 4matic though- P2 Package with the holo lights on the side. Where is the car located?

Yep, California. Alameda county.

The tax rate is 9.25% in that county. You posted 8.25%

Edit 9.5% I think

The dealership is in a different county than where I live.

Taxes are based off of where you live.

Edit- O wait … I see what you mean my bad.

Ask them if they are quoting you on the 9.5% currently instead where you are. Because it happened to me at jaguar. My payments were 1% Less during signing.

Sorry for the broken up replies. On top of that - I think the deal is pretty good.

I bought a 2017 MB GLE350 4matic on Monday this week from MB in Walnut Creek.
MSRP $66,560
Negotiated price $58,572

I got the 36/12k so my residual was 55%
The base MF was 0.00047 and I lowered it first by 0.00010 with the auto pay.
I also asked for 5 MSDs where each lowers by 0.00007. The resulting MF was 0.00002 which surprised me a bit as I thought the MB can’t go bellow 0.00005.

The acquisition fee was $1095. The tax in Contra Costa is also 8.25% so the total per month with tax included came to $698. The calculator was giving me $695 which is pretty close.

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Thanks for the feedback. My SA reviewed the MSDs and reduced them to 6 after also using Autopay to reduce MF.